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The need for better data in neurological care



Folia Health is on a mission to collect better data. The US company’s co-founder spoke to NR Times about the data gap in neurological care, patient-centric research and the importance of keeping data in the hands of patients.

The healthcare sector is becoming increasingly data-driven as the likes of AI, remote monitoring and wearable technologies continue to develop at a rapid pace.

However, the founder of health-tracking app Folia Health, Nell Meosky Luo, told NR Times that while the industry continues to focus its energy on advanced data analytics techniques, more focus should be given to the quality of the data.

“There’s this theory that healthcare should be more data-driven but I think what a lot of people don't talk about is the fact that we're not collecting good enough data,” Folia Health co-founder and CEO, Nell Meosky Luo told NR Times.

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