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The power of data in Parkinson’s care and research



Data is leading Parkinson’s care into a new era of personalised care and accelerating the race towards better treatments.

Devices like smartphones and smartwatches are capturing an ever-expanding array of health data with increasing accuracy. Thanks to a growing body of validation studies being published by Apple, its devices - especially the Apple Watch - are being utilised by health tech companies to support neurologists in treating their patients.

Precision neurology company, Rune Labs, is one such company, using data to help patients, clinicians and researchers gain a deeper understanding of clinical outcomes.

There are two sides to its technology, a platform that enables clinicians and patients to make better shared care decisions, and a clinical operation that is helping Parkinson’s diesease trials run more efficiently.

Read on for our full interview with Rune's lead neuroscientist Ro’ee Gilron.

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