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The upper limb rehabilitation device taking stroke therapy to the next level



Swiss robotics manufacturer Hocoma has launched the ArmeoSpring Pro: the latest development in upper limb rehabilitation technology.

The new ArmeoSpring Pro exoskeleton aims to deliver intensive, high-quality and repetitive movement therapy, improving motor recovery and train the core movement patterns that are used in activities of daily living. Patented TrueG technology provides powered continuous arm weight support.

This can help stroke services deliver guideline-recommended levels of activity, as patients perform a high number of repetitions of relevant exercise and functional tasks using the ArmeoSpring Pro. 

The ArmeoSpring Pro is the most recent development in the Armeo range of upper limb therapy devices, which was recently explored in the Summit Spotlight Series.

The need for intensive upper limb rehabilitation in the UK

According to the latest National Clinical Guideline for Stroke, approximately 70% of people experience loss of arm function after stroke. This upper limb impairment persists for 40% of people.

Rehabilitation is an adaptive process, and the practice and repetition of functional tasks for months or years is a key component of optimal recovery.

Greater amounts of physical therapy are associated with better recovery, and the dose of therapy encompasses not only the number of treatment sessions but also their duration and frequency. There is evidence that motor learning is best accomplished with challenging, motivating tasks and variable training schedules (Krakauer, 2006).

In reality, stroke therapy is rarely delivered intensively or in high doses. 

Studies have shown that therapy sessions commonly feature low numbers of repetitions, low cardiovascular activity, and with the patient frequently inactive (Bernhardt et al, 2004; Lang et al, 2009; Scrivener et al, 2012; West & Bernhardt, 2012; Hayward & Brauer, 2015). 

This is a particular issue in the UK, where many services are unable to deliver guideline-recommended levels of activity. 

Evidence-based upper limb therapy

The ArmeoSpring Pro is an exoskeleton based on more than 15 years of clinical experience and research with the ArmeoSpring therapy concept.

The ArmeoSpring Pro’s customisable arm weight support, powered by patented TrueG technology, gives patients precise arm weight support from shoulder extension to shoulder flexion. 

Customisable exoskeleton

From paediatric patients to geriatric patients, the ArmeoSpring Pro enables training of the entire movement chain from the shoulder to the hand. 

The exoskeleton facilitates personalised therapy by allowing therapists to block specific joints and focus on selective movements.

Immersive, engaging and efficient exercises

Game-like Augmented Performance Feedback and Virtual Reality exercises motivate patients to train actively core movement patterns that are commonly used in activities of daily living.

The ArmeoSpring Pro facilitates increased therapy efficiency by reducing the therapist’s physical effort and the need for continuous therapeutic guidance.

Supporting a range of therapy goals 

ArmeoControl software allows therapists to create a therapy plan tailored to the patients’ therapy goals. Therapy goals include cognitive training, increase range of motion in 1D, 2D, or 3D and further.

The reports provided by ArmeoSpring Pro include patient’s performance during the joint range of movement and reaching workspace assessments. 

The reports allow tracking patient’s progress over time.

Additional support as needed

The ArmeoSpring Pro comes with the Armeo Support Harness intended to restrict compensatory trunk movements during the therapy.

Represented in the UK

Summit Medical and Scientific are the UK sales partner for Hocoma.

We are passionate about the power of rehabilitation technology, representing clinical technology leaders like Hocoma and Motek to provide the total solution for rehabilitation in the UK. 

Our partners have developed innovative therapy devices using robotics, sensors and virtual reality for early and acute rehabilitation, gait and balance therapy, arm and hand therapy, body weight support and more.

Get in touch with Summit Medical and Scientific today to find out more about incorporating state-of-the-art rehabilitation technology like the new ArmeoSpring Pro into your practice. 

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