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Watch: Achieving person-centred care in Huntington’s



There are around 7,000 people living with Huntington’s disease in the UK alone.

The condition gradually reduces a person’s ability to walk, talk, think and communicate, significantly impacting not only their lives but their families’ and loved ones’, too.

In an exclusive NR Times webinar, five expert panellists addressed the current state of Huntington’s disease person-centred care and looked ahead to the opportunities presented by new tech and ways of working.

Joining host Alastair MacColl was:

  • Heidi McCarthy, Care Centre Director, Stanley House, Elysium Healthcare
  • Ruth Sands, Head of Services, Huntington’s Disease Association
  • Dr Vincent Harding, Forensic and Clinical Psychologist, St Andrew’s Healthcare
  • Lizel Muyo, Matron – Neurobehavioural, Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability
  • Katy Merrison, Occupational Therapist, Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability

Watch the full discussion now on YouTube

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