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Watch: Rebuilding lives after child brain injury



Last week, five experts came together to build a picture of excellence in child brain injury rehab and discuss some of the challenges rehab providers and professionals face in achieving it.

The exclusive webinar, delivered in partnership with Irwin Mitchell, offered a broad range of perspectives from stakeholders helping to transform lives and outcomes across the UK.


  • Carmel Gallagher, Team Leader – Support and Rehabilitation Services, Irwin Mitchell
  • Emily Bennet, Chair, National Acquired Brain Injury in Learning & Education Syndicate, N-Ables
  • Kay Ganguly, Clinical Director, Consultant Physiotherapist & Expert Witness at Healing Touch Rehab
  • Joanna Bamberger, Case Manager, Bush & Co
  • Jan Rock – Founder and CEO, Matrix Neurological

Watch the discussion now on YouTube

We have more roundtables lined up for the remainder of 2024.

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