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Watch: The outlook for community care and support



NR Times continues its webinar series with an exclusive roundtable exploring the outlook for community care and support.

The discussion addresses some of the big challenges facing rehab professionals, as well as the opportunities to innovate in the years ahead.

Thank you to our panellists:

  • Stephanie Fleet, Head of Service Development and Customer Relations, Think Therapy 1st
  • Prof. Jane Powell, CEO and Neuropsychologist, Cognivate
  • Maggie Sargent, Advanced Brain Injury and Spinal Injury Case Manager, CCMS
  • Natalie MacKenzie, Director and Cognitive Rehabilitation Specialist, BIS Services
  • Dr Pedro Areias Grilo, Clinical Head at Richardson Care
  • Sarah Hayes, Lead Occupational Therapist, St Andrew’s Healthcare

We will be running more webinars throughout the year.

Would you like a seat at the table? Email gary@aspectpublishing.co.uk