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“We were responsible for not only one life but not two” Doctors complete miracle of delivering baby whilst saving mum from stroke

“We stabilised the mother enough to take her for a Caesarean section, but she still had some signs of a stroke.”



The stress of delivering a baby can already be enough for medical staff, however, a team in Isreal found themselves having to save a mother from stroke whilst delivering her child.

The mother who suffered her untimely stroke, was nine months pregnant when she fell ill and rushed to a medical centre in Jerusalem.

A team of seven medical professionals were quickly on the case to prepare a plan on how to save her life, whilst also preparing her for a Caesarean section in order to deliver her baby girl safely.

Speaking to The Times of Israel, Dr Roni Eichel, head of the neurology department at the hospital, highlights the work of the doctors and nurses that were able to safely deliver the woman’s baby within three hours of her arrival.

He says: “There was a real sense of stress; after all we were responsible for not only one life but not two.

“Afterwards, the whole medical team was very emotional, and the next morning, when I came to the ICU and saw them, I felt a lot of joy.”

The mother is a lecturer, she had been presenting when she suddenly paused mid-sentence with no explanation.

An audience member whose father had recently had a stroke, was able to acknowledge what was occurring and was able to act quickly in calling for an ambulance.

Dr Eichel weighed in on the rare occurrence of stroke just before birth, he says: “When there are strokes in young women they are normally after pregnancy, but not just before birth.

“The drama for the doctors of a pregnancy stroke patient is high. You want to do everything to save the patient, while also doing everything to save the baby. That’s not easy.”

A team of seven doctors cared for the mother, performing imaging, which included specialist CT scans, which could identify where the closed artery which caused the stroke was located.

Surgery was ruled out by doctors, opting to use medication in order to stabilise her.

Eichel says: “We stabilised the mother enough to take her for a Caesarean section, but she still had some signs of a stroke.

“There was a risk that after the Caesarean section her neurological situation could get worse, but we were confident based on the scans that she would be okay.”

Eichel says that the audience member who spotted that the mother was having a stroke, saved both the lives of her and her baby and he also hopes her vigilance encourages others to act in the same manner.

He says: “The main signs of a stroke are weakness in the limbs on one side of the body, difficulty speaking and facial deformity.

“In the even of the appearance of one or more of these signs, it is recommended to seek treatment at the nearest stroke unit. Awareness of the warning signs can save lives. In this case, the vigilance of the lecture participant saved her life and the life of the baby.”

The mother, who is now recovering at home, has now agreed to share her story, which only occurred last month (November 2022).

She requested to remain anonymous, but says: “The birth ended successfully and the baby was delivered.

“At the end of the operation, they put the baby on me for a short time, and tests and measurements came out normal.”