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Webinar to explore role of consultant in neuro-rehab

The latest online event from NRC Medical Experts and NR Times will assess the role of the consultant in rehabilitation medicine



The role of the rehabilitation medicine consultant in neuro-rehabilitation will be explored at an upcoming webinar. 

Though the UK is well-served by internationally-respected NHS neurologists and neurosurgeons, whose diagnostic and technical skills have saved countless lives, longer-term rehabilitation – overseen by a consultant specialising in neuro-rehabilitation – is often under-resourced.

Recovery following a brain or spinal injury, or other neurological disability or condition, can be long, slow and hard-won.

All the evidence demonstrates that patients benefit from a multidisciplinary team approach to rehabilitation, and whilst there is good understanding in the sector about the role of team members, including therapists and nursing, the role of the consultant is an area the speakers will explore in detail during the webinar.

The online event, held by NRC Medical Experts in association with NR Times, will take place on Wednesday, March 16, from 4.30pm to 5.30pm. 

The panel will comprise: 

Dr Edmund Bonikowski, NRC founder and panel chair

Dr Julian Harriss, director, Independent Rehabilitation Medicine Assessments, and NRC medical expert

Ben Townsend, partner at Stewarts Law

The event will comprise a roundtable discussion with an interactive Q&A, of interest to solicitors, case managers and sector colleagues.

To sign up, please visit here