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ABI Strategy due ‘shortly’

Liz Twist MP updates on release of much-anticipated milestone in brain injury provision



The much-anticipated ABI Strategy has been finalised and will be published “shortly”, it has been revealed. 

Liz Twist MP, vice chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on ABI, revealed that while initially targeted for release in April, the Strategy – hailed as a monumental moment in brain injury support and provision – is now set for the very near future. 

Speaking at the NABIF conference, the MP for Blaydon said: “It has been put together and finalised and it is hoped to be published shortly. 

“I’m really looking forward to celebrating with you when it is finally published, but even more so when we have the services that we need. 

“I pay credit to all of you who have taken an active part and look forward to its application.”

The ABI Strategy, which is set to simplify access to much-needed provision for survivors through enabling better co-ordination between Government departments – although concerns have been raised about the funding behind it – will build further on the recommendations of the Time for Change report from 2018. 

The landmark report from the APPG similarly recommended cross-departmental working to support ABI survivors in accessing early and continued access to neuro-rehab to optimise their recovery and maximise their long-term potential.

Speaking about the report, Ms Twist said: “I think it still stands the test of time, five years later, and still sets up an agenda for what we need to do. 

“We haven’t met all those recommendations, there’s a huge amount of work to do. I think it’s really important that we revisit them from time to time to check what has been done – and what we still need to do.”

And the ability to make change is set to be advanced through the ABI Strategy, which was instigated through a Private Members’ Bill from Sir Chris Bryant, chair of the APPG on ABI, which the Government then agreed to implement in late 2021. 

Extensive consultation and research has been underway since then to gain insight into the needs of survivors, and the services tasked with delivering this provision. 

Ms Twist paid tribute to all of those involved in this process and in ensuring the ABI Strategy becomes reality. 

“For all of you working in this community, your role, working together with Chris, has brought about this change,” she said. 

“To all of you who have been campaigning on this issue, this has been a true collective effort and everyone has to be congratulated on the work that has gone into this. 

“Whether that’s because you yourself have an acquired brain injury, whether you’re a carer, whether you’re a professional working in rehab, or are involved in one of the voluntary organisations working in this field, you’re all making such great efforts to make sure that help is available, or appropriate treatment or support is provided.”

Ms Twist added that while the Strategy has been compiled, work has been continuing in the background by the APPG and herself as an MP to improve the lives of people and families impacted by brain injury. 

“While we are waiting for the Strategy to be published, the APPG has not stopped its work. We’ve had roundtables on various topics, and we had a lobby day recently in the House of Commons which was absolutely packed to the rafters,” she said. 

“And my work in Parliament continues, and I’m always keen to work with groups here in the North East, helping to speak to the relevant health organisations and other people about the services you need – and goodness knows we still need more. 

“We still need better services in rehab, both acute and in the community, for people with acquired brain injuries, and we wait to see further action on that. 

“But what I can bring to the table is to give you a voice in Parliament, and work with Ministers and other members to try to improve services for everyone who has an acquired brain injury.”