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Bushcraft and ABI rehab at Calvert Reconnections



In Calvert Reconnections’ latest video, Senior Rehab Coach Rob Smith explains how bushcraft sessions can deliver important life skills for participants.

Calvert Reconnections is a neuro-rehabilitation centre for people with Acquired Brain Injury.

Based in a specially-adapted residential centre on the outskirts of Keswick in the Lake District, Reconnections’ personalised rehabilitation plans address a range of areas including physical rehabilitation, mental wellbeing, cognitive rehabilitation and communication; all with the aim of maximising function.

The centre prides itself on expanding the horizons of what’s possible with brain injury rehabilitation and is generating widespread interest and referrals.

Claire Appleton, Head of Service at Calvert Reconnections said: “People with ABI can sometimes find the set procedures of neuro-rehabilitation too clinical, inflexible and personal, meaning they don’t achieve the outcomes they could.

“At Reconnections, we believe in doing things differently.

“At our unique neuro-rehabilitation centre, we bring together the beauty and benefits of the great outdoors with the very best in person-centred care – delivered in an enjoyable, homely environment that inspires and supports people to become the best they can be.

“All the skills developed through our exciting and engaging programmes transition through into an integrated rehabilitation plan for daily living skills, greater life skills and, when appropriate, independent living trials.”

To view Calvert Reconnections’ bushcraft video please click on the link below: