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Colouring book continues conference legacy

Charity publication will share images captured at Redrawing Identity event, organised by Social Return



A colouring book has been created as a legacy of a hugely successful event held earlier in the year. 

The Redrawing Identity conference attracted delegates from across the country and was hailed for its range of imaginative presentations and staging, all themed around the concept of identity. 

Organised by case management company Social Return, the event had artist Graham Ogilvie present throughout, capturing key moments and themes throughout the day through his sketches.

Now, on the strength of demand, Social Return have compiled his drawings into a colouring book, which was available initially to delegates from the Redrawing Identity conference, but go on general sale from today. 

The limited edition publication will also raise vital funds for Social Return’s charity of the year, One Punch (UK). 

Jackie Waggott, director of operations at Social Return, said the colouring book is a way to share the content of Redrawing Identity, both for those who were able to attend and those who couldn’t. 

“We are delighted with the quality and content of the colouring book as a really excellent resource,” she says.

“We have worked with Graham before and we knew what he did would be brilliant, but after the conference we looked at the drawings and thought they were so amazing that we had to find a way to share them.

“It really captured the day and there were some very thought-provoking images and phrases. There were some superb presentations and the content was brilliant, which really translates into the drawings. The quotes from Danyelle Clarke, for example, who featured in Dr Graeme Flahery-Jones’ presentation, are extremely impactful. 

“People were asking us where they could see the drawings, and the idea of a colouring book was suggested quite a few times. There are other mindfulness colouring books on the market, but nothing bespoke and very meaningful like this one, so we thought it would work really well.”

As well as raising funds for One Punch (UK), the colouring book can also play a role in instigating discussion around the topic of identity, says Jackie. 

“We have already had feedback from the drawings from people who say this resonates with me, this picture represents my life and my feelings. It’s great to know it’s having an impact on people individually,” she says.
“But also, we could see it being used as a therapy tool for a family member, case manager or therapist to start discussion. It could be of use to a broad range of professionals. Through looking at the pictures, they could ask ‘This is someone’s experience, is it like your experience?,’ which could be a way of opening up conversation.

“Very importantly though, we are raising money for One Punch (UK), and to raise awareness of the brilliant work they do. That was primarily the motivating factor for us to turn the colouring book into reality, and we’re so pleased we did.” 

Maxine Thompson-Curl and Anthony Curl, founders of One Punch (UK), said: “When we saw the colouring book that Social Return has produced, hand on heart we loved it. We are so proud to be a part of it and grateful that funds are being raised for One Punch (UK) from it.
“It’s just so outstanding. The images are beautiful. When I (Tony) was at the conference I was intrigued by the artist and what he was drawing on stage. I never dreamed I would be able to take those drawings away.
“It’s such a lovely book, it’s for everybody.”
* To order your colouring book, for £12.95 including postage, visit here