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Exclusive webinar: How will the ABI Strategy impact brain injury care?



The UK Government’s long-awaited ABI Strategy has the potential to transform brain injury care across the country.

However, many remain sceptical of what the regulations can actually deliver.

In this exclusive webinar, four expert panellists reveal what they would like to see and address some of the potential challenges ahead.

Featuring Deirdre Healy, Serious Injury Lawyer, Irwin Mitchell, Natalie MacKenzie, Company Director and Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapist, BIS Services, Luke Griggs, CEO, Headway and Penny Wosahlo, Managing Director, Think Therapy 1st.

Many thanks to our panellists for sharing their thoughts on the long-overdue ABI Strategy.

NR Times will be running more webinars before the end of the year.

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