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Expert view: The future of rehab robotics



With over 20 years experience in the medical device industry, Stephen Ruffle, commercial director at Thor Assistive Technologies, has been a key player in bringing some of the major breakthroughs of the sector to those who need them most. He sat down with NR Times to share his insights.

Starting out as a wheelchair designer, before becoming a mobility specialist and eventually investigating the emergence of Exoskeleton devices, Stephen Ruffle, has seen some significant technological advances in neurorehabilitation over the last two decades.

Over the course of his career, Stephen has introduced a number of new neurorehabilitation devices to the UK from around the world, including the ReWalk 6.0 Personal Exoskeleton in 2015, helping them reach the patients who stand to benefit.

He went on to establish Thor Assistive Technologies which trains, supports and supplies its partners with innovative rehabilitation devices, based on using robotics to improve exercise dose, repetitions and engagement - all of which has been proven to help build neuroplasticity and improve overall recovery.

Here, Stephen, discusses the important role that these devices have in neurorehab, the major breakthroughs he has seen, and the challenges still to be tackled by the market.

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