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Food delivery services: Qualities care homes should look for

Here are the qualities an excellent food delivery service should offer



To make the decision-making process easier, we have compiled a list of qualities that an excellent food delivery service should offer.

Food delivery services are a reliable resource for all care homes. They supply residents with nutritious meals – while taking pressure off carers.

The number of meal delivery services has risen dramatically, making it harder for care homes to choose which companies they should work with.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Wide selection of nutritious meals

It is vital for care home residents to get the nutritious meals they deserve.

Elderly people must eat a well-balanced diet full of essential nutrients and minerals. A good food delivery service will cater for this, as well as catering for specific dietary requirements.

Good nutrition is important for all ages as it reduces a person’s risk of severe diseases like diabetes and provides energy. To give you an idea of the meals you should be looking out for, take a look at some meals for the elderly online.

A variety of meals is essential. Put yourself in the shoes of your residents. If you had to eat the same meals every week, you would soon get bored.

Are they insured?

Every reputable food delivery service should have the right insurance coverage. Delivery insurance covers businesses that are in this nature of work.

Food delivery services can be high risk as there is a lot of pressure involved and many drivers will have tight time limits to ensure food gets to its destination on time.

You can ask your chosen delivery service if they have this level of cover. Acquiring this knowledge gives your establishment confidence that the service provider you have selected is responsible. If you would like to know more about delivery insurance, visit quotezone.co.uk.

GPS tracking

Carers have complex jobs working in care homes. They need to provide around-the-clock care for their residents, meaning organisation is required to help daily operations run smoothly.

Food delivery services offering GPS tracking can be a valuable resource to have for this reason. Being able to track your food delivery means care homes can work to a strict mealtime schedule and gain peace of mind that their residents will get the food they need.

It also means carers do not have the burden of chasing late deliveries. Instead, they are well-informed of where the delivery is, and if an issue occurs, they can work to resolve it as soon as possible.

Positive customer reviews

If you want to find the best food delivery services in your local area, spend time reading online reviews. There are plenty of review sites that you can find through a quick Google search.

Customers use these sites to post reviews on the companies they have been affiliated with. It is a great way to differentiate the good from the bad.

If you notice a string of negative reviews associated with the delivery service you are interested in, you know to avoid this and take your business elsewhere.

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