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Komplex Care – committed to leading positive change

Learn more about the approach and ethos of one of the newest names in the specialist care sector



As one of the most recent entrants to the specialist care sector, Komplex Care is already making its mark.

Founded in 2019, it works nationally to deliver nurse-led care to people with highly complex needs in their own homes, working alongside their rehab provision to provide comprehensive all-round support. 

An ambitious and forward-thinking national operator, Komplex Care was founded by a group of care specialists with vast experience of working in the sector and are committed to using their insight and expertise to lead positive change.

Having accelerated each year since its inception, Komplex Care recently expanded into new headquarters in Telford to accommodate its fast-growing team, and to give it more space to deliver its nurse-led specialised training programs – another increasingly in-demand area of the business. 

It is also a fully digital care provider, with adoption of paperless records and communication throughout the business – something that has often been approached with caution more widely in the sector but is seen as vital to Komplex Care.

“We’re a well-formed but expanding team and we all work together, we all have exactly the same ambition – and that’s to make sure that we’re delivering the best possible highest standard of care,” says Arron Zaib, managing director of Komplex Care who joined in 2021 after two decades working in the field of complex care. 

“We like to use a practical and relatable measure when looking at our delivery of care, as team we’re always assessing ourselves and think ‘Would that be good enough for my loved ones?’. If we can answer yes, then we know we’re probably on the right track of where we want things to be. 

“Ultimately, we all want our loved ones to have the best possible standards of care, and that’s what we are committed to delivering. It’s as simple as that.”

Komplex Care prides itself on the clinical-led support it gives to those with complex needs at home, and is appointed by growing numbers of Clinical Commissioning Groups, Integrated Care Boards and case managers nationally. 

“Our goal has always been to be the provider that is first choice, based on our reputation and the service we deliver,” says Arron, who also oversees sister companies Komplex Health and Komplex Community, which cover the Shropshire area.

“For me, at this point when we’re just about to accomplish three years as a business in sector, it’s about broadcasting our name out there in the marketplace – and can only achieved through delivering the very best standards of care, which is where our focus will always be and should always be without exception.

“We are already competitive in the sector even after such a short space of time and this is due to the fact that we offer an effective, efficient yet bespoke service that once again puts our clients care first.

“We are committed to doing our utmost, but we won’t ever hide. It doesn’t go perfectly well all the time, and any provider who say it does is not being truthful or transparent. Our process is to recognise an issue, analyse its facades, create a solution, and be actively visible on how we’re going to do it better.”

Komplex Care’s adoption of a digital methodology also makes it stand out within the sector, with Arron himself being an advocate in the importance of such systems. 

Indeed, families and Commissioners can also gain more insight into the care of their loved one or client through Komplex Care’s digital adoption, with both groups being given access to electronic care records, with the client’s permission. 

“Our advocacy of the integration of software into the care sector is constantly evolving and we’ll always looking at ways in which it can play a greater role not just for ourselves but for the industry as a whole.” says Arron. 

“For us, we’re trying to get everything digitalised and as streamlined as possible. It means the margins for complete compliance are that much more water-tight and in turn the safety of our clients exponential increases with each passing day. Rather than being under-utilised as a tool just for preparation for inspections, it allows us to show everything in real time and gives a far more accurate picture of where you sit as a provider. 

“It provides access to family members better connected care, and Commissioners too. Lots of people are concerned about their loved ones who are receiving care, but we can show them in real time what’s happening with that individual. No matter the distance, we give you reassurance that they are being looked after. 

“With Commissioners they can see what is happening as efficiently as possible, meaning that the constant stream of data on each package that is fed to them helps to ultimately justify the care that they’re paying for. 

“I think with the pandemic, more people working in care have started to realise the benefits. Healthcare was not geared up to work when offices were closed. Suddenly, people were having to think about how they’re going to get care plans re-issued when an office is closed, how do you get things printed off when you don’t have access to the printer? Basic things like that can make a massive difference to how a care operation can function.”

With Komplex Care continuing to grow, equipping its team to deliver the best possible service is central to its approach, says Arron. 

“Many of the referrals we had initially as we came out of the pandemic were for people who had not received the care they deserved to a standard that they were entitled too because of lockdowns, and as a healthcare professional of 20 years that’s really heartbreaking to see,” he says. 

“But we’ve got an incredible multidisciplinary team here who are committed to that, as they were during the pandemic – we hadn’t tried to overreach ourselves and kept our client group, but now we are able grow and take on cases who need more support and specialist care. 

“We are creating our own Komplex family here, where the field-based staff around the country are very much part of it. We include them in everything and make sure that we’re engaged with them. 

“We believe that our outstanding person-centred care starts and ends with the carers.’Therefore, we provide high-level in-house training, which is a blended learning experience of online, face-to-face and practical. The hands on training section is delivered here in our specialist training room that has been designed to simulate as close to a true care environment as we can. 

“We also want them to come here and meet the office staff. Not all care providers bring their people in for physical training, so the people in the office are just a name to them. But we see the huge value in putting a face to a name here, no one should ever just be a number in care, staff or client, and this is part of the whole ethos of our business and how we operate. 

“When care staff come to us, they can also move their career through the different brands. They may come to us to work within home care, but then find they want increase their skillset and transfer into the complex care. There are always options when you come to work for us.”

And as the business continues to grow, the Komplex Care ethos remains the same. 

“We stand for – quality, transparence and honesty, and delivering the best possible service for our clients and Commissioners.”