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LISTEN: HD and co-production in action

How person-centred care and understanding can make a life-changing difference



Living with Huntington’s Disease and the importance of patient-centred care is explored in the latest NR Times podcast. 

With the right care and support, living well with Huntington’s Disease (HD) is achievable – and through commitment to co-production, which involves all partners in care in delivering that, a patient can reap the rewards of that. 

In this podcast, we speak with Darran, who lives with HD, and who previously has struggled to find the support and understanding that he needed. 

Since moving to St Andrew’s Healthcare, a specialist in HD care, his life has changed significantly for the better – something he credits the team at the Northampton site with being crucial in him achieving. 

Dr Vincent Harding, clinical and forensic psychologist at St Andrew’s, has worked closely with Darran since his arrival, and is committed to the co-production of his care to ensure Darran’s needs and wishes are at the heart of everything. 

Here, we learn more about living with HD, and how the right support can make a life-changing difference to those with the condition. 

Listen to the podcast here

Darran with Dr Vincent Harding