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NR entrepreneur: “We never set out to ‘crack the NHS’, we set out to help people. Start with that”



Entrepreneur Ian Pearce shares the lessons he learned on the journey to establishing his innovation, Neuro ProActive, within the NHS. 

My journey for the last six years has been interesting. After my father had a stroke, I experienced a lot of the frustrations that hundreds of thousands of people do each year.

It seemed to me that while many of these challenges needed basic solutions, those challenges were numerous and long standing.

In late 2017, while having a shower, I started to think about a single digital platform which would be all encompassing for NHS and private practice clinicians, as well as patients and family members.

Most of my best ideas happen in the bathroom. It’s the only place where men can multi-task and escape young children.

For any potential supplier to want to “crack” the NHS, I’d make two points. Firstly, this is the wrong mindset. The NHS doesn’t want to be “cracked”.

Secondly, it’s a huge mistake to see the NHS as one organisation. It’s also important to appreciate that the views in this article are my own, based on my experiences over a five-year period.

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