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Brain injury

European brain injury school launched

The project will focus on meetings with a school format at a level adapted to patients and families



A ‘brain injury school’, which aims to support patients and families, has been launched in Spain.

The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Unit of the University Hospital of Jaén, Spain has launched the Brain Injury School for Patients and Family Members.

The announcement followed a discussion between the management of the centre, those responsible for the service and the Association of Acquired Brain Injury (Adacea), in which it has been agreed to promote the activity as a support tool for patients and families.

Regular meetings will have the participation of neuro-rehab professionals, physiotherapists and occupational therapists, as well as professionals from the association, a neuropsychologist, a speech therapist and a social worker.

In addition to delving into the understanding of the pathophysiology of brain damage at a level adapted to patients and families, it is intended to address the training of family members in their capacity as caregivers.

“The Brain Injury School for Patients and Relatives is part of the line promoted by the Ministry of Health and Consumption, to promote citizen participation in health care,” says the director of the unit of physical medicine and rehabilitation of the University Hospital of Jaén, Juan Alfonso Andrade.

The team has also launched actions with a school format aimed at pathological processes such as musculoskeletal, vertebral pain, knee pain, lymphedema associated with oncological processes, particularly breast cancer and ischaemic heart disease in the framework of cardiac rehabilitation programmes.

Andrade explains that the objective is to increase the quality of health care for patients with brain damage who face the rehabilitation period.

“It is about establishing networks that not only help the sick to live with their illness, but also help society understand the challenges they face,” he adds.

“It is about putting patients, family members, professionals, caregivers, associations and citizens in general in contact so that, among all, they can share experiences and knowledge.”

The managing director of the hospital, Javier La Rosa, has highlighted the centre’s commitment to patients and society, recognising “the commendable work carried out by the professionals of the physical medicine and rehabilitation service”.


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