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Summit Spotlight Series: The Hocoma Andago

Summit Medical and Scientific would like to introduce you to their range of innovative rehabilitation technology in this short product series.



For our fourth spotlight session, we’ll be highlighting the Hocoma Andago.

What is the Hocoma Andago?

The Andago is a free-moving overground robotic body weight system, which empowers patients to complete safe and intensive balance and gait training.

Patients are fitted in their harness within the robotic support frame, and can then focus on standing balance tasks or walk around for intensive gait training.

The Andago actively follows the patient, using robotic technology and sensors to identify when the patient is moving or turning, and provides constant dynamic body weight support that the patient needs throughout balancing, standing and walking activities.

The Andago is suitable for patients requiring rehabilitation for any condition affecting their movement or risk of falling, including stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal injury, cerebral palsy, lower limb amputees, multiple sclerosis, and more.

How does the Andago help patients?

In the body weight support system, patients can stand and move without the fear or risk of falling. Dynamic body weight support assists patients to walk naturally, triggering continuous physiological afferent input and encouraging upright and hands-free gait.

Patients can be lifted from a seated position in a wheelchair to fully standing upright, and attachable hand rails can be used if the patient needs additional support.

The Andago helps to prepare patients for the wide variety of environments and challenges they will experience in everyday life.

How does the Andago help therapists?

Conventional overground therapy exposes therapists to physical strain and risk of injury. Staff have to continually secure the patient, primarily focusing on their stability and safety rather than the therapy itself.

The Andago bridges the gap between treadmill-based gait training and free unassisted walking, where therapists can move the Andago for the patient via a remote or allow the patient to move completely freely in self-directed movement.

The Andago doesn’t require any expensive room infrastructure modifications. As long as the room isn’t carpeted, the Andago can be flexibly used from room to room and can fit within a standard door frame. Patients can move around seamlessly within the gym or clinic setting straight out of the box.

How can I find out more?

You can contact us about our entire range of rehabilitation equipment on our website

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