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SaaS neurodiversity platform secures £4m investment

Cognassist set to strengthen its position and break into new sectors to support organisations with neuro-inclusion



A software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform which supports organisations to understand and implement neurodiversity has secured £4million investment to fuel its ongoing expansion. 

Cognassist was developed to bring a proactive approach to enabling individuals with hidden learning needs, while helping businesses and education providers across the UK to adopt a better approach to neuro-inclusion. 

Founded by serial entrepreneur Chris Quickfall, inspired by his own experience of living with dyslexia, Cognassist has been developed with neuropsychologists to help promote neurodiversity in all aspects of work and education. 

The business has now secured £4million investment from Gresham House Ventures, which will help to propel its growth within the education market and break into the enterprise market – an area where there is great demand for neuro-inclusive solutions to support employees, say the business. 

Chris Quickfall, founder and CEO of Cognassist, says: “This investment will facilitate a significant expansion for Cognassist into the enterprise market, where our science-backed technology will enable businesses to support neurodiverse employees and ensure they are able to reach their full potential. 

“Gresham House Ventures has an outstanding track record of scaling technology-driven businesses like ours, so we are excited to work with the team over the coming years as we look ahead to the next phase of our growth.”

Cognassist offers a 30-minute digital assessment, which helps identify and support different types of cognition using an evidence-based approach.

It goes on to deliver ongoing support and personal development opportunities, including personalised strategies from neuropsychologists, and recommends reasonable adjustments – alongside bitesize modules – to help people understand their strengths and learn ways to develop.

To date, it has assessed over 220,000 employees and has trained over 7,000 in neurodiversity and compliance. 

Chris Quickfall is supported by COO Leigh Carlin and CFO Matt McMillan as the executive management team, and Gresham House Ventures has appointed entrepreneur Nerissa Naidu to its board to support its ESG, technology and revenue generation strategies.  

Joe Krancki, investment director at Gresham House Ventures who co-led the deal, says: “Having established a market-leading education product, Cognassist is at the forefront of this rapidly developing sector and is well positioned to expand into the enterprise market. 

“The Cognassist team is passionate about transforming how neurodiverse individuals are perceived and supported in the workplace, and we look forward to working with them to increase understanding and productivity across the UK.”

Nerissa Naidu adds: “We are finally witnessing increasing recognition of the barriers that neurodiverse employees can face in the workplace, and a growing number of businesses are looking for effective diversity, equity and inclusion solutions that support these individuals. 

“Cognassist aims to do just that and I look forward to working with Chris and the team to deliver on their goals.”