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Awards to recognise dedicated NR professionals



The NR Times Awards highlights the work of the professionals transforming the lives of patients and contributing to their progress. 

The NR Times Lifetime Achievement Award aims to recognise individuals who have dedicated their work to enhancing the impact of neurorehabilitation, whether through research, innovation, campaigning or leading.

The NR Times Lifetime Achievement Award is sponsored by Proclaim Group – an award-winning specialist rehabilitation case management company. 

Founded in 2017, Proclaim Group brings together specialist rehabilitation, vocational and occupational therapy services through three specialist companies.

These include Proclaim Care, covering injury case management and serious injury rehab; Obair Associates covering evaluation and analysis; and, Resolve Health.

Resolve Health’s services offer the full range of specialist diagnostics, hospital services, physical and psychological therapies including Physiotherapy Treatment Service, Psychological Treatment Service, Diagnostics & Specialist Treatment Services and a Rehabilitation Quote Service.

A spokesperson for Proclaim Group said: “We are delighted to be sponsoring NR Times Lifetime Achievement award.

“At Proclaim Group we exist to Make a positive difference to people’s lives so it is great to have the opportunity to recognise an individual who has done this through their dedication to neuro rehab. 

“We look forward to acknowledging the individual at the awards later in 2024.”

Proclaim Group is recognised by its customers for delivering the highest quality rehabilitation and client-focused services.

Through Proclaim Training, Proclaim provides education support to insurers, solicitors, clinicians and employers through its specialist training academy. 

Its services are outcome focused to support adults and children impacted by an illness or injury, as well as providing vocational services to assist with returning to work.

The NR Times Awards 2024 aim to shine a light on excellence in a wide range of categories, representing the many factors which influence the neuro-rehab journey.

To read more about the award categories or to enter the NR Times Lifetime Achievement Award, please visit here.