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Meet the tech innovators: Lusio Rehab



We spoke to Lusio Rehab to learn more about their innovative rehab technology

Please describe the impact and importance of your work in the lives of neuro-rehab clients

Our work at Lusio Rehab, particularly through our flagship technology LusioMATE, profoundly impacts the lives of neuro-rehab clients by transforming the rehabilitation process into a more engaging, motivating, and effective journey.

The essence of our innovation lies in gamifying physical therapy, making it not just an essential part of recovery but also an enjoyable activity that clients look forward to.

The importance of our work is multifaceted, including generating enhanced engagement, and thereby improving adherence, providing personalised therapy programs, enabling remote monitoring and support and improving outcomes in both physical and mental health and well-being.

In essence, our work is not just about creating a rehabilitation tool; it’s about redefining the recovery journey for neuro-rehab clients, making it more accessible, enjoyable, and effective.

Through LusioMATE, we’re committed to enhancing the quality of life for our clients, empowering them to reach their full potential in recovery and beyond.

Are there any standout elements of your approach that are perhaps unusual or set you apart from the general ‘norm’?  

At Lusio Rehab we pride ourselves on simplicity and fun as our core goal is to help get people moving in a fun and engaging way and as easily as possible. 

The user interface of LusioMATE has been specifically designed to be super simple to navigate and very quick to access, we have children as young as five years old and adults in their 90s using LusioMATE independently for their rehab! Users can literally be playing one of the many fun LusioMATE games within 1-2 minutes.

Co-operative play and shared experiences are something that really stands LusioMATE out, from games such as Bowling (Ten Pin style) and Pinball through to our two player games we help our users do their crucial rehab at the same time as playing games that they probably couldn’t play before, with people who they love.

Also, we have an amazing feature currently under wraps regarding cooperative game play which will be a world first for rehabilitation technology! Watch this space! 

Can you please provide an example of a patient case which typifies the importance of the interventions you deliver? 

We get some truly amazing feedback from our community on how LusioMATE has had a truly positive impact not only the users rehabilitation, but also their day to day lives.

One recent example is a young girl with a spinal injury who could only move her head a few millimetres and also had some very slight movement in a couple of her fingers.

Since implementing LusioMATE into her rehab package, her Case Manager and therapy team say that it has been amazing and as well as transforming her physical therapy, because of how the LusioMATE system works, she also has something that she can play with her siblings as they can play as well. 

How do you approach new clients in terms of assessing their needs and planning their therapy journey?

When engaging new clients, our approach at Lusio Rehab is collaborative, working closely with their clinical teams to tailor the therapy journey with LusioMATE.

The process involves:

Collaborative Assessment: We start with a comprehensive discussion with the client’s healthcare professionals to understand their rehabilitation goals and challenges.

LusioMATE Introduction: We introduce LusioMATE to the client and their clinical team, demonstrating how it can support their specific therapeutic needs.

Tailored Therapy Design: In consultation with the clinical team, we develop a personalised therapy plan that incorporates LusioMATE’s interactive games, targeting the client’s goals.

Seamless Integration: We ensure LusioMATE complements the existing therapy regimen, enhancing engagement without disrupting established routines.

Training and Continuous Support: Both the client and their clinical team receive thorough training and ongoing support, ensuring comfortable and effective use of LusioMATE.

Adaptive Programming: We maintain regular communication with the clinical team to adjust the therapy program as the client progresses, ensuring optimal outcomes.

Do you work closely with members of multi-disciplinary teams?

We really pride ourselves on how closely we work with our community of therapists.

When we have new users starting to use LusioMATE we work really closely with the therapy teams if they haven’t used LusioMATE before.

It’s super simple to use but we know that our Lusio Welcome sessions make a huge difference when they start to use it with their clients.

We also continue that support pretty much forever, we offer refresher sessions, sessions when we launch new games and features, sessions for new team members etc.

How would you describe your approach to family members of your brain / spinal clients? Is it important to involve them in your work? 

Involvement of family members, as well as other important people such as friends, is crucial.

We have recognised that right from the very start and with LusioMATE and the games we develop we have families who are having bowling nights for example using our Pinball game.

The user who needs to do rehabilitation is doing their physical therapy whilst having an incredible, fun, socially rich shared experience with their family members who can also play. 

What does success look like for users of LusioMATE?

‘Success’ usually looks like a range of things all coming together with LusioMATE being the hub.

At the core of this are the users themselves actually having loads of fun with their rehab, being highly engaged and motivated and also completing their movements goals way more successfully than before; and also the wider MDT utilising LusioMATE and the data aspect to get that rich, real-time feedback regarding goal achievement and physical function.

Also on the more social level we see that we have been successful when we also hear about our users now having something they can do with members of their family, friends etc that they were never able to before, and having fun family gaming nights for example. 

Find out more about LusioMATE at lusiorehab.com