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Meet the therapist: Gemma Eves, Neuro Massage



This week, we hear from Neuro Massage founder and head therapist, Gemma Eves.

The London-based organisation supports clients with any form of neuro-disability, helping them to regain optimal health, fitness and happiness.

How would you describe the impact and importance of your work in the lives of neuro-rehab clients?

At Neuro Massage, we recognise the immense challenges faced by individuals undergoing neuro-rehabilitation, which is why our commitment extends beyond mere therapy.

Through our specialised massage techniques, we aim for overall healing and empowerment for our clients.

For those facing neurological challenges, massage therapy is a vital aspect of their rehabilitation journey.

It goes beyond just relieving physical discomfort; it actively contributes to restoring overall well-being by alleviating muscle tension, reducing spasms, improving circulation, and promoting relaxation.

This approach often results in better mobility, less pain, and improved quality of life.

Are there any standout elements of your approach that are perhaps unusual or set you apart from the general ‘norm’?  

Our distinct advantage in therapeutic massage is our exclusive focus on clients with neurological conditions.

We are the only massage company in the United Kingdom dedicated solely to this area, allowing us to offer a high level of expertise and customised care.

Our approach is grounded in a comprehensive understanding of a wide range of neurological injuries and conditions, each with its unique presentations and challenges.

We are committed to studying and recognising the distinct symptoms and effects of these conditions on individuals.

This includes an in-depth examination of how different neurological disorders manifest, varying from subtle sensory changes to more pronounced motor and cognitive impairments.

By doing so, we can personalise our treatments to meet the individual needs of each client.

Our team is well-equipped with the knowledge and skills to identify and respond to the nuances of various neurological conditions, whether they are common issues such as spinal cord injuries, stroke and traumatic brain injuries or less prevalent disorders.

Our patient-centric approach allows us to address not only physical symptoms but also the broader impact of neurological conditions on individuals’ lives.

We consider factors such as the emotional and psychological effects of living with a neurological condition, ensuring a holistic treatment plan that supports our clients’ overall well-being and rehabilitation goals. 

How do you approach new clients in terms of assessing their needs and planning their therapy journey?

When engaging with new clients, especially those already consulting multiple specialists such as neurologists, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists, we embrace a personalised and collaborative method.

Initial Assessment and Rapport

We begin with a detailed initial assessment, where we learn about the client’s history, present issues, and therapy goals.

Building a strong rapport is important, and we do this through empathy, active listening, and non-judgmental communication, creating a comfortable environment for clients.

Identifying Needs and Goal Setting

Understanding each client’s unique needs is key. We observe both what they say and their non-verbal cues.

Together, we set realistic goals that align with their aspirations and the objectives set by other healthcare professionals.

Customising Therapy and Ongoing Assessment

We adapt our therapeutic techniques as needed and continuously evaluate the client’s progress, making adjustments based on their feedback to maintain relevance and effectiveness.

Client-Centred and Integrated Approach

Our focus is on the client, and we integrate various therapeutic methods to support their overall well-being, complementing other aspects of their care, such as physio and OT.

Incorporating Wellness Practices into a Bespoke Package

In our client-orientated and integrated approach, besides focusing on therapeutic methods, we also incorporate wellness practices to provide a bespoke package.

Where appropriate, this holistic strategy involves integrating techniques such as mindfulness, relaxation exercises, and stress management into our massage therapy sessions, which aid in addressing the mental and emotional well-being of our clients.

Through such a tailored approach, we want to ensure our clients receive a comprehensive care package that aligns with their unique rehabilitation journey, enhancing the effectiveness of massage therapy and contributing to a more rounded and fulfilling therapeutic experience.

How would you describe your approach to family members of your brain / spinal clients? Is it important to involve them in your work?

Our approach to working with the families of brain and spinal injury clients is deeply integrated and supportive.

We prioritise educating family members about the benefits of massage therapy, such as easing muscle tone and spasms, improving circulation, and enhancing overall well-being.

We have learned that involving families creates a supportive environment that enriches the client’s recovery journey.

We maintain open communication with family members, valuing their insights to tailor our therapy effectively.

Recognising the emotional and psychological challenges faced by both clients and their families, we provide empathetic emotional support, ensuring a comprehensive approach to care and rehabilitation.

Are there any new or emerging technologies / innovations which are changing the way you work?

While we aren’t currently adopting new technologies or innovations that significantly affect our work methods, we are dedicated to expanding and enhancing our services in other impactful ways.

Our core service, therapeutic massage, now forms part of a comprehensive array of wellness offerings.

This strategic decision reflects our commitment to combine the established massage techniques with broader wellness practices.

A key development in our expansion is the establishment of our very own massage school.

This institution is committed to training therapists in advanced techniques specifically for treating neurological injuries and conditions.

Our objective is to improve the skills of therapists in this vital area of healthcare.

Neuro Massage is at the forefront with this unique school, pioneering a new approach within the industry.

Understanding the importance of mental and physical health, our education programs represent a cornerstone of our services.

They underscore our commitment to combining traditional massage practices with modern wellness concepts.

Our aim is to become leaders in wellness and rehabilitation, always working to improve our client’s health through our services and training.

What does success look like in your therapy discipline?

We view success from multiple perspectives and through various indicators.

The most immediate measure of our success is the satisfaction and happiness of our clients.

When they express contentment and positivity following their sessions, it indicates that we are effectively meeting or surpassing their expectations.

Pain relief is another crucial measure of success, particularly as many of our clients seek massage therapy to alleviate discomfort associated with neurological conditions.

When clients report a significant decrease in pain or an improved ability to manage it, it stands as a clear testament to the effectiveness of our therapies. 

Alongside pain relief, the ability to induce relaxation and reduce stress is equally important.

When clients share feedback about feeling more relaxed or experiencing an improved sense of well-being after a session, it serves as a strong indicator that our therapeutic goals are being achieved.

One of the most significant markers of success is the empowerment and independence of our clients.

When individuals feel empowered to manage their health independently and experience a sense of control over their well-being, it signifies the profound impact of our therapy.

Thus, our success is measured not only by client happiness, pain relief, and relaxation but also by the insightful feedback and gradual progress they share with us.

Ultimately, our greatest achievement lies in the empowerment of our clients, reflecting our commitment to their comprehensive well-being.

Find out more about Neuro Massage at neuromassage.co.uk

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