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Come and connect with the Kindred Community



Kindred Community has created a platform for independent case managers to support each other, share best practice, resources, incoming referrals, business management and compliance support. 

Come and connect with us: let your referrers know you have the security and framework of a larger support network around you. Moving towards a new way of working together.

Kindred Connect is a support network for independent case managers or therapists running their own business.

For those of us who enjoy the autonomy of running our own businesses but miss the benefits and support of being part of a larger company and community.

Kindred Connect is a group of likeminded, ethical practitioners all working collaboratively in the same industry

We all know just how time-consuming and, at times, lonely it can be running your own business.

Keeping on top of governance, CQC compliance and other regulations, needing to source information quickly, find clinicians, keep up to date with industry developments; whilst trying to run a cost conscious and effective business alongside our main focus of delivering excellent quality case management or therapy services to our case load of clients. 

Three years ago, after setting up our own small independent case management company, we realised the importance of being part of a wider community, having others to collaborate with and a support network around us.

So “Kindred Connect” was formed to provide a consciously informal but professional support network for independent case managers working alone or as small companies.

Our aim is to work together and have the benefits of being part of a wider team, whilst remaining independent.

And three years on it has become an invaluable tool and space for sharing ideas, obtaining feedback and accessing business support and clinical help.

Feedback from our members, “Kindred Connect”:

– an excellent way to show due diligence to our refers and funders.

– illustrates our commitment to providing an excellent and collaborative service to our clients.

 – has saved time and cost in finding clinicians, getting feedback and information quickly and sharing ideas in a safe and professional environment. The CPD has been so helpful in expanding my industry knowledge.

– excellent peer support and responses, sharing of experiences and knowledge.

– shows our commitment to be part of Kindred’s ethical standards and they have provided support and encouragement, sometimes reassurance when needed.

Kindred Connect membership includes the following and more: 

  • A safe space to connect with others in the form of a closed messaging group.
  • Being able to demonstrate to referrers, you do not work in isolation and have support around you.
  • Networking, sharing good practice, being able to ask questions of others and get a quick and professional response.
  • Access and share incoming referrals.
  • Share good practice, industry updates, CQC compliance and support from others doing the job and managing their own business.
  • Free monthly CPD training seminars to keep you and those in your team informed. Our members request topics relevant to their practice on a wide variety of subjects and share their personal experiences and learning. 
  • Support from your fellow Kindred Connect colleagues and the team here at Kindred Community Ltd where you can access support with auditing, business processes, peer, and clinical support.
  • Networking of ideas, contacts, and resources. We believe in sharing, transparency, and collaboration.
  • Access to extensive business support services such as Annual Leave cover, Clinical Supervision, ‘In the Event of…’ cover and much more. 
  • Access at a small extra cost – Fit to practice and annual reviews to ensure you and your business are fully compliant and are reflective in your practice.
  • Discount with Kindred Community Ltd partners – Sussex HR and Virtual Administration 
  • Regular updates on government or industry specific goings on
  • Vlogging / Blogging content
  • Cancel anytime, no hidden charges.
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We offer additional services for our Connect Members, such as:

  • Annual leave cover
  • Contingency planning cover 
  • Clinical supervision 
  • Checking services – such as reports, letters, pieces of work
  • CQC Mock inspection – on site or online

How much and how?

Keeping the connect group small enough that positive working relationships can grow is important to us, supporting excellence in practice and collaboration is our aim. Cancel anytime, no minimum subscription. 

The current cost for a Kindred Connect subscription is.

  • £50.00 per month for a lone working Case Manager/Therapist
  • £80.00 for small companies under 3 employees
  • £110.00 per month for companies between 4-6 employees
  • For companies over 6 employees – we are happy to discuss your needs and costs

How we ensure this is a professional community:

We ask all those wanting to join the community to meet the following criteria: 

  • Be a Case Manager or Therapist working in the Neuro field.
  • Be operating your own registered company or be a sole trader.
  • Be CQC registered / or application having been submitted.
  • Have 3years + experience of the role of Case Management or therapeutic discipline.
  • Be registered with a governing body relevant to the professionalism held. 
  • Be a member of BABICM / CMSUK / VRA or similar.

If you are interested in joining the Kindred Connect, have any questions, or simply want to find out more, please contact us for an initial chat