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How a ‘Data Dashboard’ could transform the rehab landscape

By Dr Penny Trayner, Clinical Director, Academic Director, Clinical Neuropsychologist ; Charlotte Giblin, Assistant Psychologist and Sarah Lake, Research Assistant



In the field of rehabilitation, knowledge has historically been siloed among professionals, resulting in a lack of a unified foundation of information, understanding and approach.

While dashboards and quantitative data analysis have become staples in various fields for informed practices, rehabilitation has yet to catch up.

Enter the development of a Data Dashboard—a pivotal step forward.

By collecting and analysing extensive data, it offers development of a common ground for understanding rehabilitation practices.

This article delves into the transformative potential of this, shedding light on its role in fostering collaboration, informed practices, and evidence-based insights within the rehabilitation landscape.

Background information 

2018 saw the development of the Goal Manager software, an assessment and goal-setting tool created directly from clinical experience by Dr Penny Trayner, Clinical Neuropsychologist.

The software allows healthcare services, in a range of rehabilitation specialisations, to streamline and coordinate their goal setting processes by providing a cloud-based platform to manage information and track progress.

The vast use cases of this software presented ample opportunity for developments, leading to the conceptualisation of the Data Dashboard, to collate existing information within the Goal Manager platform, and generate service wide reporting. 

The extensive utility, and innovative nature of the Data Dashboard was recognised by Innovate UK, the government’s innovation agency, when awarding Dr Trayner, the 2022/23 ‘Women in Innovation Award’.

The funding secured from this award supported the development of the Data Dashboard, to create a tailored software solution to rehabilitation professionals’ data needs.

This process began by conducting focus groups with a diverse group of rehabilitation professionals, spanning a range of industries, to discuss their individual and service level data needs. 

The current data climate of rehabilitation 

Despite technological advancement in treatment methods and assistive technology, data collection and analysis options are limited.

Discussions with industry professionals revealed an overwhelming want for the development of technology in the field.

Professions working in rehabilitation and brain injury, including clinicians, lawyers and case managers, highlighted the need to move to more quantitative methods of data collection and analysis, discussing their use in auditing, service reporting and in securing funding. 

Development of the data dashboard 

Within the focus group discussions, participants indicated that this level of analysis of rehabilitation processes would have many potential applications.

Dashboard collected data could aid in service monitoring and auditing, obtaining funding support and provide useful data for legal considerations.

The ability to track and manage different forms of outcome data within this platform was identified as an invaluable tool. 

As a result of these discussions, Goal Manager has developed the Data Dashboard in line with the wants and needs of rehabilitation professionals and services.

Using the insight gained from focus group discussions and user testing experiences, the Dashboard has been shaped to produce meaningful analytics using data from Goal Manager use.

Furthermore, increased standardisation of other aspects of rehabilitation goal setting have been discussed, including standardisation of SMART objectives to maximise the analytic potential of the Data Dashboard.

To optimise the capabilities of the Goal Manager platform with this new dashboard element, further reporting capabilities and customisation options have also been presented and are going to be introduced to the system.

These advancements are poised to complement the ease of goal setting and tracking already provided by Goal Manager, contributing to the ever-developing technological landscape within rehabilitation.

The access to information and analytics provided by the Data Dashboard will facilitate better practice in care by providing professionals with a fully informed description and understanding of their patients using quantitative data presentations with data already in the Goal Manager platform- therefore costing clinicians no extra time. 

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